University of Iowa Brainhack

May 18th - July 31th, 2020

World Wide Web (via Zoom and CrowdCast)

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The purpose of the University of Iowa brainhack this summer is to help participants learn python fundamentals and prepare whoever signed up for Neuromatch Academy . If you have no idea what idea what Neuromatch Academy is and you do not care, you can still benefit from the python tutorials being offered.

Going Online with Neuromatch

To promote community and togetherness while remaining safely apart, we are leveraging a new online course called Neuromatch Academy . Neuromatch Academy is a three week course (July 13th - July 31st) covering topics such as: data analysis, statistics, and machine learning with an emphasis on the application towards neural data. However, the course has a few prerequisites to make sure you can have the most informative experience. The prerequisites are Python, foundational neuroscience knowledge, and some foundational mathematical concepts such as linear algebra, calculus, and basic probability theory.

If that list looks scary, do not worry, we will be providing resources/tutorials as well as dedicated time to discuss those materials every week leading up to Neuromatch Academy. We will discuss those materials at Hacky Hour .

UI Brainhack is dedicated to a harassment-free conference experience for everyone. Our anti-harassment policy can be found here: Code of Conduct.
If you have any comments/concerns please email Gail Harmata


We encourage you to have both the reading and assignment opened at the same time so you can run the code blocks as well as read the material.

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